BLE Model Question Social 2076

BLE Model Question Social 2076



BLE Model Question Social 2076 will gives you the best questions for the District Level Examination preparation for the students. The questions are prepared by the experience teachers and group of the scholars in order to give you the best question for practice.  BLE Model Question Social 2076 will give you best questions for social subject.


Class: 8                                                                                                                                  Full Marks: 75

Subject: Social Studies                                                                                                     Time: 2:15 hours


Candidates are required to give their answer in their own words as far as practicable.

Attempt all the questions.      

Group A

1. Give very short answer to the following questions:(1×9=9)

a. Name any two holy books of Hinduism.

b. When was Nepal divided into seven provinces?

c. State any two features of good governance.

d. What is meant by secular state?

e. Draw a symbol to show mountain ranges in a map.

f. Write any two reasons of corruption.

g. Who abolished Sati system?

h. Write any two factors which affect to the climate.

i. What do you mean by renaissance?


Group B

2. Give short answer to the following questions:(7×6=42)

a. List out the three functions of each of federal government and provincial government.

b. Write a letter to the Mayor of the Municipality for recommendation to enlist any one popular heritage of your district in the world heritage site with reasons.

c. What is meant by sustainable development? Write its objectives.

d. Write any three social problems in our society along with three solutions.

e. Complete the following historical events in the given table first and show them in timeline with clear title and scale. (2+4)

2030 BS _____________________
2046 BS First People’s Movement
2052 BS Armed Revolution

2065 BS



f. What is energy crisis? Write any five measures to prevent it.

g. “Jung Bahadur and Chandra Shamsher were social reformers in Rana period.” Justify in six points.


Group C

3. Give long answer to the following questions: (2×8=24)

a. What is judiciary? Write any six major functions of judiciary.

b. Sketch a full page map of Nepal and show given information using the appropriate symbols.(3+5)

Mount Kanchanjungha, Rara Lake, Chitwan National Park, Lumbini, Cotton Growing Area

c. Explain the unification campaign done by Prithivi Narayan Shah?


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