Junior Computer Science Quiz

Junior Computer Science Quiz for School Level Students

Computer Science Quiz

Junior Computer Science Quiz

Computer plays an essential role in how individuals work, live and learn. Computer based information and communication technology is an enormously vibrant field that emerged at the end of last century. Junior computer science quiz is for all the students of classes 4 to 8 to check the knowledge and skills of computer.

Computer touches almost every aspect of our life, making it easier and comfortable. At present world, being unaware of the computer is nothing less than being an illiterate. In fact, knowledge of computer and its uses in the society is necessary. Computer has become an integral part of the school curriculum. This quiz is a series of computer bases questions for basic level classes providing an insight into the world of computer technology. The aim of this quiz is to imparting knowledge about the latest technology. You can check the computer skills of yourself within a minute.

Key Features of the Quiz

  1. Strictly based on the syllabus of Curriculum Development Center.
  2. Questions bases on all the chapters.
  3. Objective type of questions to get the quick response from the user.
  4. Interactive and child centered approach to enhance the curiosity of students level.
  5. Well arranged questions in simple to complex manner with necessary illustrations.
  6. Quick to get the result with the right and wrong answers of the students.
  7. At the end you will get your result in the form of comment and grade.
  8. Refresh the page to play the quiz again.


Junior Computer Science Quiz

This quiz is of computer science subject for junior classes. The quiz is especially for the grade 5, 6,7,8 students of computer science. The questions are based on the theoretical and practical chapters to identify their computer skill