PSC Notes On Terrorsim

PSC Notes On Terrorism


PSC Notes On Terrorism

This is the PSC Notes on Terrorism. PSC Notes on Terrorism is the chapter of Contemporary Issues. These fine collection will give you the idea about the terrorism, Objective of terrorism, Types of terrorism, Suggestions to control the terrorism terrorism in Nepal in a simple way to understand. PSC Notes on Terrorism is the path to get success in the examination.


Terrorism is usually outlined as violent acts meant to form worry, terror for associate degree economic spiritual, political or philosophical goal that is targeted or disregard the protection of civilians. terrorist act is political, philosophical or spiritual violence acts of unlawful violence or war.


Objective of Terrorism:

1. Attract public attention.

2. Encourage fellow feeling for his or her unfair state of affairs and sympathy for the cause.

3. Demonstrate the shortcoming of the state to produce security.

4. Demonstrate the illegitimacy of the state’s establishments.

5. Polarize the general public to alter the debates and arguments.

6. Encourage the phobia and pressuring the state into compromise solutions.

7. Force the state into repressing reactions that discredit the govt..

8. Demonstrate the economic consequences of continued violence.

10. Attract the international attention and encourage intervention.

11. Provoke widespread civil rising to vary the govt., or type a separate state.


Characteristics of terrorist act

i. Violent or equally vital, threatens violence

2. Conducted by a corporation with associate degree distinctive chain of command or conspiratorial cell structure

3. Perpetrated by a supranational cluster or non state entity.


Types of terrorist act

1. State Terrorism:

State terrorist act is that the systematic use of terror by government so as to manage its population. This act is entirely dole out by the cluster holding power during a country and not a non-government organization.

Example :

French Revolution of 1793

Use of violence employed by Saddam bin Hussein at-Takriti Husaain against the Kurds

2. Religious Terrorism:

Terrorism will be driven by spiritual ideologies and grievances. spiritual terrorist act is especially dangerous because of the zealotry of these WHO apply it and their disposition to sacrifice themselves for the cause. spiritual terrorists area unit uses the ways like bombing. this can be created attainable by spiritual teachings accustomed justify and even encourage this type of self sacrifice.

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Terrorism of Al {qaeda|al-Qaeda|Qaeda|al-Qa’ida|al-Qaida|Base|terrorist organization|terrorist cluster|foreign terrorist organization|FTO} group

Catholic – Protestant Violence in Syria

Muslim-Hindu Violence in Bharat and Islamic Republic of Pakistan

3. Right Wing terrorist act

This type of terrorist act aims to combat liberal governments and preserve ancient social orders. sect terrorist act is usually characterized by militias and gangs, repeatedly these teams area unit racially driven and aim to marginalize minorities at intervals a state.


Klu Klux terrorist group


Many teams gangs in U.S.A., European country and Russia

4. Left Wing Terrorism:

These teams get to overthrow capitalist democracies and establish socialist or communist governments in their place. they require to attack the established system so as to try and do away with category distinction. These teams area unit still gift however not as distinguished as they were throughout the cold war.


The Revolutionary People’s Liberation Party in Turkey

Revolutionary Organization in Greece

Revolutionary defense force of Columbia

5. Pathological Terrorism:

This describes the utilization of terrorist act by people WHO utilize such methods for the sheer joy of terrorizing others. Pathological terrorists typically operate alone rather in teams just like the others on this list and infrequently don’t seem to be true “terrorists” as they lack any well outline political motive.


Pathological terrorist act is most typically seen in school shooting and serial killing situations.

6. Issue adjusted Terrorism:

This type of terrorist act is dole out for the aim of advancing a selected issue. ordinarily these problems area unit social in nature or upset the atmosphere. Here this definition is employed to incorporate environmental terrorist act.


The best documented example of associate degree terrorism cluster is that the Environmental Liberation Front because of their attacks on ski resorts and work operations.

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7. Separatist Terrorism:

Separatists get to cause fragmentation at intervals a rustic and institution a replacement state. this sort of terrorist act is typical of minorities at intervals a nation-state that need their own, ordinarily use to discrimination from the bulk cluster.


The most distinguished examples area unit the ETA Basque separatists in European nation.

The terrorist organization in Sri Lanks.

The Kurdish PKK in Turkey.

The Quebec Liberation Front in North American country.

8. Nacro Terrorism:

This term originally refers to organizations that gain funds through the sale of medication. It can even upset the utilization of violence by those teams or gangs designed to form the state of their medicine easier.


Pablo Escobar of Colombia that was enacted the assassinations of Colombia politicians was concerned in nonnarcotic activities

9. Civil Disorder:

A style of collective violence meddlesome with the peace, security, and traditional functioning of the community.

10. Political terrorism:

Violent criminal behavior designed primarily to get worry within the community, or substantial phase of it, for political functions.

11. Limited Political Terrorism:

Genuine political {terrorism|act of {terrorism|act of terrorist act|terrorist act|coercion}|terrorist act|coercion} is characterized by a revolutionary approach restricted political terrorism refers to “acts of terrorism that area unit committed for philosophical or political motives however that don’t seem to be a part of a combined campaign in capture management of the state.”

12. Data Terrorism:

“The unjust storage or use of personal data for economic, political or personal gains.”. ordinarily seen in governments and countries just like the us, North American country and Australia. giant firms like Facebook are guilty of victimization user information while not confirming express user data and consent to try and do thus once connection.


Suggestions to manage terrorist act

1. Proper implementation of legal measures.

2. Capacity building of establishment. For this opposed terrorist act unit will be established and trained security personnel will be concerned.

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3. To build data network, intelligence body is critical. Cross border data ought to be communicated.

4. Awareness among individuals is vital to alert the individuals and gain public support.

5. When combating spiritual terrorist act, coordination with spiritual leaders and building a relationship with them can encourage higher cooperation.

6. To combating separatist terrorist act embody a lot of political method that enable them to hitch and communicate with the ruling powers and hash out with them.

7. Since narco and sect terrorist act {is usually|is typically|is sometimes} go by the gangs so it’s necessary to form a healthy communication dialogue with them to manage it.

8. Taking out leaders and members of terrorist network with specific skills is usually a decent apply for combating terrorist act.

9. Finally promote them to avoid the {terrorism|act of terrorist act|terrorist act|coercion} from their network and peaceful reintegration into the society is most fruitful step to manage the terrorism.


International measures to manage terrorism:

1. SAARC Regional Convention on Suppression of terrorist act, 1987.

2. 2010 Convention on the Suppression of Unlawful Acts regarding International Civil Aviation.

3. 2005 International Convention for the Suppression of Acts of act of terrorism.

4. 1999 International Convention for the Suppression of the finance of terrorist act.

5. 1997 International Convention for the Suppression of Terrorist Bombings.

6. 1991 Convention on the Marking of Plastic Explosives for the aim of Detection.


Terrorism and Asian country Nepal

1. Nepal has been AN advocate of world peace. Asian country has forever been a supporter in world organization forums for anti terrorist act.

2. Nepal includes a policy to to not offer shelter for terrorists, additionally Asian country doesn’t enable any of the neighboring countries to use its border/land for terrorist activities.

3. Nepal has legal SAARC level anti-terrorism convention.

4. Nepal has accepted the cooperation agreement between states planned within the meeting of BIMSTEC.

5. Nepal has stressed collaboration for info assortment, investigation and penalty against terrorist act.

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