see computer notes 2076

SEE Computer Notes 2076

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SEE Computer Notes 2076

SEE Computer Notes 2076  is the collection of all relevant information of the all chapters of Computer Science. The main objective is to provide the study material online for everyone in the digital format freely. We hope that all students will be benefited by SEE Computer Notes 2076.

The contents are as follows

Chapter 1: Networking and Telecommunication

The first chapter of Computer Science of Class 10 gives you the definition of communication, telecommunication and computer network. The computer network and it’s types, typologies, advantages and disadvantages of computer network are .also describe in a simple way. At the end of this chapter you will get some important technical terms related with this chapter.

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Chapter 2: Internet and It’s Application

The second chapter of Computer Science of Class 10 gives you the information about the internet and it’s services. We know the internet is popular tool to get the information in the digital world. The main area where the internet is used and the internet is more popular is the main areas, which are discussed here in this chapter.

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Chapter 4: Computer Virus

The fourth chapter of Computer Science Class 10, express about the types of the Computer Virus. Basically the virus are the replicated self driven computer programs, which are created by the computer programmers to destroy the normal function of the computer. It is very important for any organization to protect the computer from the virus. This chapter explain about the types of viruses and how to secure the computer from it.

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Chapter 5: Multimedia and It’s Application

The fifth chapter of Computer Science Class 10, express about the multimedia and it’s application. Basically the multi means many and media means the devices. Multimedia means to deliver the information by using many media like text, audio, video, animation and graphics. In this chapter we are explaining about the important notes about the multimedia and uses.

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