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SEE Computer Science Questions


SEE Computer Science Questions

SEE computer science questions 2076  is the quiz based collection of questions on the computer fundamental. There are 10 questions and each question is of 1 marks. Each question has four answers and one answer is correct. To check your revision work you can attend all the questions and the result you can see after word. You can repeat it again until you will get full marks.

The questions are presented in simple format. The questions are visible each time randomly on your screen. You can try as many times as you can and it shows the result on the screen immediately. All the best.

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1. Data communication means

a. We can easily send and receive the message

b. Data computing system is fastest in network

c. The process of transferring data and information

d. None of above


2. The term network basically refers to………..

a. Communication

b. Interconnection

c. Sharing

d. All of them


3. Which of the following are is not a goal of computer networks?

a. Resource sharing

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b. High reliability

c. Scalability

d. None of the above


4. Which one of the device is simplex?

a. Television

b. Telephone

c. Computer

d. Walkie-Talkie


5. TV broadcasting is an example for data transmitting

a. Half-duplex Mode

b. Simplex Mode

c. Full duplex mode

d. None of them


6. Which refers to the communication media: [SLC 2065] [SLC 2071 S] [SLC 2064]

a. UTP Cable

b. Fiber optics cable

c. Satellite

d. All of above


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7. Which is not a communication media? [SEE 2075 U]

a. NOS

b. Satellite

c. Infrared

d. STP


8. Which is not a communication media? [SLC 2067]

a. Wire

b. Microwave

c. Satellite

d. NIC


9. Which is not unguided media? [SLC 2069]

a. Fiber optics

b. Microwave

c. Infrared

d. Radio wave


10. Which one is an example of unbound media? [SLC 2071 S]

a. UTP cable

b. Microwave transmission

c. Fiber optic cable

d. All of the above



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