How to Check SEE Result 2076


How To Check to SEE Result 2076

According to the sources SEE Result 2076 is going to publish between 15th Shrawan to 20th Shrawan 2076. This is the first time when all the result is based on an internal grading system. Due to coronavirus pandemic, the SEE examination of 2076 was canceled earlier. Now the Secondary Education Board is preparing to publish the SEE Result as soon as possible.

Method 1: Websites to SEE Result 2076

There are various methods to check the SEE Result 2076. The result comes online from the specific websites or by SMS. As a result, you can see your grade of individual subjects. The following websites are available to check the result.

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Steps to check the SEE Result 2076

The students can check the SEE Result 2076 among any websites mention above. Due to the excitement, it is necessary to check the result in a proper way. These are the steps to follow to check the result.

1: Open any website mentioned above.

2: Enter your symbol number.

3: Enter your Date of Birth.

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4: Check your result.


Method 2: SEE Result via Phone

This is another way to get the SEE Result via phone. It is necessary to have the internet when a student will check the result through the websites. But in the urban area or in a remote town where there are no internet and electronic devices, it is difficult to check the result. NTC (Nepal TeleCome) provides a facility to check the SEE Result using the phone. The method is very simple and easy and anyone can get the result.

Steps to check the result via Phone

Dial 1600 and dial your symbol number.

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When a student or user dial 1600 and simply follow the instructions given by NTC user will get the result. NTC provides the result through IVR( Interactive Voice Response) and SMS (Simple Mail Service). To use the IVR user have to follow two steps only

Using IVR:

Call 1600 and dial your symbol number and follow the announcement.

Using SMS:

To use the NTC SMS Service type your SEE <space><symbol number> and send the SMS to 1600.