SEE Science model solution

SEE Science Model Solution 2076

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SEE Science Model Solution 2076

SEE Science Model Solution 2076  is the collection of the questions of Compulsory Science subject with the answers. This is the practice question with the answer key which definitely help them to score good marks in coming SEE Examination 2077. There is the download button, click that to download the SEE Science Model  Solution 2076.

Group A ( 15 x 1 =15 Marks)

1. Give short answer of the following questions:

a. What is free fall?

b. State Archimedes principle.

c. What is fossil fuel?

d. On what two factors does the quantity of heat depend?

e. Where an object should be kept in front of a convex lens so that the image becomes diminished, inverted and real?

f. Identify the type of chemical reaction given below.

Ca + H2SO4              ———–>            CaSO4 + H2

g. What is strong acid?

h. In what group and period does gold lie in the modern periodic table?

i. What are the raw materials used to make the Bakelite?

j. What is cocoon in the life cycle of silkworm?

k. Name two hormones secreted by Pancreas

l. Write any two parts of the body in which white blood cells are produced.

m. What is Klinefelter’s syndrome?

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n. What is self-pollination?

o. What is carbonization?

 Group B (13 x 2 =26 Marks)

2. Figure shows two beakers one with pure water and another with salty water. Out of A and B name the liquid having more density. Why does the egg float on the liquid A?

Science model solution

3. Write any two differences between nuclear fusion and nuclear fission.

4. Mercury thermometer is used to measure higher temperature but alcohol thermometer is used to measure lower temperature, Why? Give reasons.

5. Why does the bulb of a bicycle run with a dynamo glow brightly when speed of bicycle is increased and become dim when the speed is decreased? Give reasons.

6. Study the electronic configuration given below and answer the following questions on the basis of it.

1s2, 2s2 2p6, 3s2 3p6, 4s1 3d10

a. Name the element and write the block.

b. Write atomic number and valances of this metal.

7. Write any two characteristics of a catalyst.

8. Choose two ores each of iron and copper from the given ores.

Cuprite,  Magnetite, Cederite, Bauxite, Argentite, Chalcocite

9. Write the structural formula of methyl alcohol along with its one use.

10. In which time does the nuptial flight occur in the life cycle of honey bee? Why does it happen?

11. Write the function of each of the parts A and B in the given figure.

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12. “High blood pressure is also caused by feeding habits.” Write two such habits that cause high blood pressure.

13. Write any two symptoms of Hemophilia.

14. Write the name, shape, number of major stars and the season in which it is visible.



Group C (6 x 3 =18 Marks)

15. Calculate the acceleration of an apple of mass 200 gm, when it falls towards the earth? Also find the acceleration of the earth towards the apple? Show it with calculations. (Mass of the earth is 6 x 1024 kg and Radius of the earth is 6.64 x 106 m)

16. Observe the ray diagram of eye given in the diagram and answer the following questions.



a. What type of defect of vision is this ?

b. Write the cause of this type of defect in eyes.


17. When magnesium is burnt in oxygen it forms magnesium oxide. If water is mixed in this magnesium oxide, it forms magnesium hydroxide (alkali). Write the balanced chemical equations for these reactions. Also write a use of this alkali in daily life.

18. “High priority is given for the use of compost fertilizer.” Put any three arguments in favour of this statement.

19. “Tissue culture method of an artificial vegetative propagation in plants plays a great role in forestry, horticulture and agriculture fields.” Clarify this statement in three points.

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20. Clarify the relation between the destruction of historical, archeological monuments and buildings with industrialization.

Group D (4 x 4=16 Marks)


21. The number of primary winding is four times more than that of secondary winding in the transformer given in the diagram. If the primary voltage is 220V, then calculate the secondary voltage. Explain the working principle of transformer and inverter.



22. Draw a neat diagram of the laboratory preparation of carbon dioxide gas and label any two parts. Also write the balanced chemical equation involved in this process. What happen when carbon dioxide gas is passed into lime water for a short period?

23. Draw a chart showing the crossing between red and white flowered pea plants till F2 generation. Find out the genotypic and phenotypic ratio of F2 generation. When the mating of black and white rats takes place, all the offspring produced in first generation are black. Why there are no white rats?

24. ‘Although the Chlorofluorocarbon used in the refrigerators and air conditioners is a stable, non-poisonous, non-inflammable and cheap compound, it is to be displaced by other compound.’ Justify this statement.

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