see science solution 2076

SEE Science Solution 2076

SEE Solution

SEE Science Solution 2076

SEE Science  Solution 2076  is the collection of the questions of Compulsory Science subject with the answers. This is the practice question with the answer key which definitely help them to score good marks in coming SEE Examination 2077. There is the download button, click that to download the SEE Science Solution 2076.

Group A ( 15 x 1 =15 Marks)

1. Give short answer of the following questions:

a. Write any two factors one which gravitational force depend.

b.Write the value of atmospheric pressure at sea level.

c. Give any two examples of radioactive elements.

d. Write its SI unit of power of lens.

e. What is heating element?

f. State Mendeleev’s periodic table.

g. Give two examples of organic acid.

h. Write the atomic number and atomic mass of aluminium.

i. What is saponification?

j. Name two types of silkworm cultivated in Nepal.

k. What are the two parts of central nervous system?

l. Write an organ that produces uric acid in a human body.

m. What is gene?

n. Which parts of a flower change into seed and fruit after fertilization?

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o. What is geological time scale?

Group B ( 13 x 2 =26 Marks)

2. Write any two differences between gravity and acceleration due to gravity.

3. Why is it easier to pull a bucket of water from the well until it is inside the water but difficult when it is out of water?

4. It is given jerk before being used to measure temperature again of a clinical thermometer, why?

5. Why is the inner wall of a fluorescent lamp coated with  fluorescent powder?

6. Why are elements of group VII called halogens?

7. Write a chemical reaction which is carried out by catalyst with balanced equation.

8. Solution of ammonia is a weak alkali, why?

9. Write two importance of glucose in human body.

10. Why silkworm is called queen of fibre?

11. Write any two differences between sensory nerve and motor nerve.

12. Write any two characteristics of a person suffering from downs syndrome.

13. Write two importance of variation.

14. A comet is not actually a star. Give two reasons in favour of this statement.

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Group C ( 6 x 3 =18 Marks)

15. Redraw the given ray diagram and complete it. Also write two natures of the image formed along with its one application.


16. Draw a diagram of a step up transformer and mention its any two parts.

17. How will you manufacture of ammonia gas on industrial scale ? Write with balanced chemical equation.

18. How is compost fertilizer made? Explain.

19. Pea plants with red flower (RR) and white flower (rr) are cross pollinated first then self pollinated. What will be the colour of flower in first and second generation of that pea plant and why? Write with necessary chart of filial generation.

20. How does air pollution inhibit biological growth of plants? Explain.

Group D ( 4 x 4 =16 Marks)

21. How does water pump worked? Explain with diagram.

22. Study the structural formula of the hydrocarbon given below and answer the following questions.


a. Give the name and molecular formula of this compound.

b. Write its general formula.

c. Write the name and structural formula of compound is formed if one ‘H’ atom from each carbon is replaced by one ‘OH’ in each carbon?

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d. Write a use of the compound thus formed.

23. The diagram below represents a certain category of blood vessel showing the role of a special structure in their walls.


a. Name the kind of blood vessels shown in diagram.

b. What is the structure shown inside the blood vessels?

c. What is the role of this structure?

d. Are these structures present in any other kind of blood vessel? If so, name it.

24. Following are the findings in a study done on the earth environment: The temperature of respective environment is increasing. The number of amphibians is decreasing. Human beings are suffering from cataracts and skin cancer. Answer the following questions on basis of above facts:

a. What is the cause of above findings?

b. What is to be done to remain safe from above conditions?

c. Write its one more harmful effect to health.

d. What happens to the environmental temperature at this condition?

All the best.

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