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SEE Social Question Solution 2076

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SEE Social Question Solution 2076

See Social Question Solution 2076 is the collection of valuable questions regarding social subject for  SEE students. The main objective of this blog is to provide the social questions with the solution for the upcoming SEE batch and enhanced the skill of writing the answers. We hope that it will help you.

Secondary Education Examination (SEE)

Compulsory Social Studies

Time: 2 Hour 15 Minutes

FM: 75

Group A (7 x 1=7 Marks)


Write very short answer to the following question:

1. Mention any two physical features of the province where you reside.

2. Which goal, in your opinion, of Sustainable Development Goal is the most appropriate in the context of Nepal? Clarify your opinion in a sentence.

3. In which race is Dhan naach (traditional dance) practised?

4. Prepare a slogan to create awareness against human trafficking.

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5. Which district is related with the Timmurbote massacre?

6. Define ‘Economic Plan’ in a sentence.

7. What type of support can do the UNICEF in your community?


Group B(10 x 4=40 Marks)


Write short answer to the following questions:

8. Write any four characteristics of Human Resource Management.

9. Clarify the positive effects of National project of pride that is in operation in your province in four points.

10. What short of changes may occur in our society if ‘save childhood like movement conducted by Kailas Satyarthi in our country? Write in four points.

11. What does the following picture indicate? Mention the effects caused by such activities in society.


see social question solution


12. Read the given news published in a daily newspaper and answer the question below:

28 Mangsir, 7.37% votes have become invalid in the election of House of Representative and Province Assembly.Likewise 11,333 votes have become invalid in both FPTP and PR electoral system in another district.

Write clearly any two causes with two measures why votes in most election of Nepal become invalid.

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13. You would have definitely made a visit of any geographical place in Nepal. Prepare a report on the basis of following points.

  • Objective
  • Major activities
  • Findings

14. Give an introduction of Tsunami and mention any three safety measures to be secure from Tsunami.

15. You have studied the activities of government formed during the period of 2007 – 2017 B.S. Which government’s functions did you like the most among them? Clarify yours views in four points.

16. Imagine, you were chairman of your Rural Municipality or Mayor of Municipality, show the list of tax or fee in table that you deserve to collect levy or you don’t.

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17. Write full form of UNESCO and give its short introduction.

Group C (4 x 7=28 Marks)


Write analytical answer to the following questions:

18. Constitution of Nepal has provided Fundamental Rights and other constitutional provision to empower or develop women. How far have those Rights and constitutional provision implemented effectively? Present yours evaluation in points.

19. Draw an outline map of Nepal and insert the given facts using appropriate symbols.

Lake Foksundo, River Narayani, Baraha Kshetra, Jumla


Draw an outline map of North America and insert the given facts using appropriate symbols.

Prairies , Rocky Mountain range, Washington DC, Lake Superio

20. Compare clearly among Periodic election, Referendum and election of Constitutional Assembly in two points each of them.

21. Mention the measures to make Financial Education effective in Nepal.

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