See Computer Science Question Paper 2079

See Computer Science Question Paper 2079

Grade 10 SEE

Introduction SEE Computer Science Question Paper 2079

SEE computer Science Question Paper 2079 is based on the new curriculum approved by the CDC, Nepal for the upcoming years. According to the New curriculum approved by CDC, Nepal there are lots of changes in the grid as well as in the question paper. Here we are going to discussed the new changes in the computer science question paper which are already declared and approved by CDC.

Computer Science Question Paper with Chapters:

According to the new grid few chapters are excluded and few new chapters are included in the SEE Computer Science. The chapters like multimedia is excluded and contemporary issues is included. The programing part remain the same having programming in the QBASIC and Structured programing in C. The Database part also the same having MSACESS as Database Management System. Number system also the same where conversion of the numbers and arithmetic operations on binary numbers are there. The fundamental part includes the chapters like Network and communication, computer security, computer or cyber ethics, ecommerce and contemporary issues etc.

Computer Science New Grid 2079:

According the the new grid of computer science the chapters and their weightage is as follows

Computer Science Types of Questions:

According to the Specific new grid the Computer Science Question paper for the upcoming years are changed. From 2079 BS onwards the MCQ types of questions are excluded and the question model is change in VSQ (Very Short Questions), SQ (Short Questions), and LQ (Long Questions). The description of the types of questions are as follows

Computer Science Model Question Paper:

Computer Science Question paper is divided into three groups they are Group A (10 Marks), Group B (24 Marks), and Group C (16 Marks).

SEE Computer Science Question Paper 2079


Download Computer Science Model Question Paper

Answer Key

What is Search Engine?
Search Engine is a web based application that runs with the help of internet and user can get the specific results in the form of websites for a particular keyword or phrase. Examples of search engine-,
What is the business done through the internet?
The business done through the internet is called ecommerce.
Which data type is used to store numeric, character or special symbols in MSACCESS?
text, short text or long text or memo data type is used to store numeric, character and special symbols in MS ACCESS.
Which view is used to modify the table in MSACCESS?
Design view or datasheet view is used to modify the table in MSACCESS.
What is modular programming?
Modular programming is an approach or technique to divide a big program into small programs. The main program is divided into small programs and all the small programs are called modules. So in Modular programming user can create modules to break the main program into small sections.
Write any two features of C Language?
Any two features of C language are 1. C is a Structured Programming language. 2. C is a programing language to create application and system programs.
Law that governs the legal issues of cyberspace.
Cyber Law
The smallest unit that represent information in quantum computer.
What is the full form of STP and WAP?
STP- Shielded Twisted Pair WAP-Wireless Access Protocol
What is computer network? Enlist any two advantages of it.
Computer network is a interconnection of several computers with wired or wireless communication media in order to share hardware and software resources among them. The two advantages of computer network are as follows 1. Sharing of hardware 2. Sharing of software 3. To make communication etc.
What is computer ethics? Write any two of them.
Computer ethics are some moral principles or code of conduct activities that every computer user has to follow. For example we can not use computer to harm any one. We have to use the computer properly or systematically for the betterment of mankind.
What is software security? Write any two measures of hardware security.
The measures/methods used to protect the computer software, program, file, folder, data and information from any kind of damage or loss is known as software security. The two measures for hardware security are use uninterruptible power supply (UPS) for power backup and place the computer in dust free environment.
What is m-commerce? Write its two important services.
As we know that ecommerce means to buy/sell the product or services online with the help of web applications. In the same way when user can do all the ecommerce activities by using the mobile, tablet or gadgets is known as m-commerce. It provides services like fast access, cheap, easy to use.
What is IOT? Write any two importance of it.
IOT means Internet of Things. In twenty first century every small or big device that is capable to access the internet for communication is known as IOT device. The devices that can do the communication to exchange the signal data or information is under IOT. for example smart watch, smart board etc. Two advantages are it is used for fast communication, it is used for education purpose.
What is database? Give any two examples?
Collection of systematic and organized data and information is known as database. With the database we can store a huge data in a appropriate form from where we can access the required information quickly. Two examples are phone diary, mark ledger etc.
What is primary key? List any two advantages of it.
Primary key is a unique identifier field of the table, that store a unique value. The primary key is a unique identifier for a table to create relationship between the tables. The two advantages of primary key are 1. It reduces the data redundancy 2. It can not store the duplicate value.
What is data sorting? List any two advantages of it.
Data sorting means to arrange the data of a table in alphabetically or numerically ascending or descending order. In ascending order the data are arranged from a to z or 0 to 9 order. In descending order the data are arranged from z to a or 9 to 0 order. The main two advantages of data sorting is to search the data becomes faster and it gives a systematically arranged data to perform query.
What type of work is done in MS ACCESS using form and query object?
Form is used to display the records of the table in a proper presentable format from where user can easily add the records, move to the first and last record easily. Query is the object that is used to display the records from the table according to a specific condition or criteria. Query can be used to perform the calculation or to delete or update the records from the main table.
The Output of the program?
The corrected program

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