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We all know how important SEE (Secondary Education Examination) or class 10 is for a student. SEE is such a ladder, with the help of which students decide their future destination, the result of SEE this year is also going to come soon. It has been learned from reliable sources that this year’s result will come in the first week of Shravan month. According to the National Board of Examination Kathmandu, all preparations have been made to announce the result. Still, if it is delayed due to some technical reasons, then that too will be rectified soon and at the most, the result is likely to come in the second week of the month of Shravan.

Grading System of SEE 2078/2079 Result

The result which will come in the year 2079 is being put by the conjectures to make a difference in comparison to other years. Looking at this year’s grading system is completely new and challenging. Earlier, when the student was strictly forbidden to fail, this year the matter of students failing cannot be denied.

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According to the new grading system, if the student gets less than 35 percent marks in any subject, then no grade or grade point will be given to him. Therefore it is very important for the students to get 35 marks in every subject.

SEE Grading System for the year 2079

S.No. Percentage Grade Grade Point Remarks
1. >= 90 A+ 4.0 Outstanding
2. >= 80 and <90 A 3.6 Excellent
3. >=70 and <80 B+ 3.2 Very Good
4. >=60 and <70 B 2.8 Good
5. >=50 and <60 C+ 2.4 Satisfactory
6. >=40 and <50 C 2.0 Acceptable
7. >=35 and <40 D 1.6 Basic
8. <35 NG Not Graded

According to the earlier grading system, if a student came with less than 35% marks in any subject, then he was certified with an E grade and he was upgraded to the next class. Whereas according to the new grading system, he is not certified with any kind of grade point and he is given a non-grade. Non-grade means that students have failed in that subject.

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How NG grade Students be upgraded?

If a student fails in two subjects (NG grade in two subjects) then it means that he can give supplementary exam in those two subjects and can be upgraded if passed. If the student fails again in the supplementary examination, then he will be considered as failed and he will be given the exam again in all the subjects i.e repeat the class.

If a student brings NG in three or more subjects, then he cannot give supplementary examinations and he will have to repeat the class.

How to check the SEE Result 2078 2079?

There are many methods to check the SEE result. Student can easily check their result and download the SEE mark sheet with these methods. You can follow the given steps to get your result online.

  • Go to the website which is the official website of Nepal Doorsanchar Limited.
  • Click on the “Main Page” from the top menu bar.
  • After clicking Main Page the SEE Result page will be open.
  • In the SEE Result Page enter your correct symbol number to get the result (for example 011524525 B).
  • At last click on the SUBMIT button.
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How to check the SEE  Result 2078 2079 via mobile SMS?

This is another way to get the SEE result via mobile SMS services. The best thing is that no need to have a smartphone or internet connection to use this method.  Nepal Telecom (NTC) provides this service to students to receive their SEE results by just sending an SMS CODE. You need a code to get the result. The code is

Type SEE<space><SymbolNumber> and send SMS to 1600

SEE Result 2078

SEE Result 2078 with Marksheet



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