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Grade 8

Overview About Book

BLE Science Book Download is one of the easy free platforms to read or download digital books. BLE ( Basic Level Examination) is the first examination where the question papers are set by the municipality of any district of Nepal. This is the first board exam for the students. The level of education is Basic and has a combination of compulsory and objective subjects.

About Author and Publication

As we know Science is one of the compulsory and important subjects for the student. This Science book is Approved by the Government of Nepal, the Ministry of Education, Curriculum Development Centre, Sanothimi, Bhaktapur as additional learning material. The author of this Science Book is Mr. Bishnu Prasad Bhatt (MSc. TU, Kirtipur) and edited by Dr. Deepak Chand ( Ph. D. University of Idaho, USA) under the Green Publication.

The contents of the book are in simple language so that it makes easy to understand. You can read the book online as well as download the book and store it on your storage device.

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BLE Science Book Download

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