MBBS Entrance Examination Questions


MBBS Entrance Examination Questions is the collection of 100 MCQ questions. Thousands of students from all over the nation have been gathered in Kathmandu after their plus two exam with a common aspiration to be a doctor. Most of the students don’t take the medical entrance exams seriously until the exam dates are announced. And when the dates are actually announced they said OMG, I haven’t studied this. MBBS Entrance Examination Questions is the plateform to get the medical entrance exam questions.

That’s why I felt to guide the students and here appears this article. This article will try to address those setbacks. A student is 100 MCQs away from being a doctor. . The most important thing for the students is not to lose the confidence. In my personal experience a topper student also make 10-12 questions mistake, and getting selected at the bottom is as good as at the top. I hope MBBS Entrance Examination Questions will help you.

Here is the full information about these examination

MBBS/BDS/BSc Nursing/BASLP/B Perfusion Technology

Eligibility and Examination format

MCQ Questions Zoology 

1. The direct ancestor of man is

    1. Ape
    2. Hominid
    3. Anthropoid
    4. Monkey

2. Which part of earthworm is also called the forest of nephridia?

    1. Pygidium
    2. Cingulum
    3. Gizzard
    4. Stomach

3. Which is also called Antedon?

    1. Sea lily
    2. cow
    3. horse
    4. Anemone
Sea lily

4. Spermathace opening lining is found in which segment of Earthworm?

  1. 5/6,6/7,7/8,8/9
  2. 6/7,7/8,8/9,9/10
  3. 4/5,5/6,6/7,7/8
  4. All

5. Classification of Porifera based upon

  1. Spicules
  2. Paragastric cavity
  3. Water vascular system
  4. Water canal system

6. All of the following is true except

  1. Echinodermata-water vascular system
  2. Mollusca- Haemocoelomate
  3. Archeoptyryx- connecting link
  4. Peripatus- missing link
Peripatus- missing link

7. A frog has

  1. Eye but no eyelid
  2. Ear but no pinna
  3. Teeth but no jaw
  4. Hand but not finger
Ear but no pinna

8. Protozoa classification based on

  1. Locomotory organ
  2. Contractile vacuole
  3. Cilia
  4. Nucleus
Locomotory organ

9. Excretory organ of Platyhelminthes is

  1. Flame cell
  2. Renette cell
  3. Nephridia
  4. G.V.S.
Flame cell

10. Organ of bojanus is related with

  1. Excretion
  2. Digestion
  3. Reproduction
  4. Circulation

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