see model question science

SEE Model Question Science 2077


SEE Model Question Science 2077

SEE ( Secondary Education Examination) is the board examination nation wide in our country. The main objective of the SEE examination is to check the academic status of schooling level. Due to the COVID-19 situation, the physical classes disturbed a lot. SEE Model Question Science 2077 is the best solution to get the model question papers for their respective subjects.

According to the SEE curriculum the compulsory subjects are Nepali, English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and Health Population and Environment. SEE Model Question Science Papers 2077 includes the two sets for each subjects. Here is the SEE Model Question papers for Science subject.

Tips to get good marks in Science

Science is the most interesting and creative subject for everyone. It develop the logical mind and need a great effort to understand. Practice is the another way to score the good marks in the examination. To get the good marks in any subject is the challenging task for the students. According to the pattern and subject there are different methods to apply for achieving good marks. For Science subject you can apply these key steps

  1. Read the question paper carefully from top to bottom before starting to write.
  2. Focus on the easy questions or in which you are confident and start from them.
  3. Make sure about the question and formula which you are using.
  4. Always check the time when you finish the question.
  5. Write with making the margin between your answers.
  6. If you are not able to get the correct result then leave that with blank space and go for next
  7. Go for easy type of questions at the first.
  8. Be consistent on your writing part means not so fast and not so slow.
  9. Recheck the answers once when you are leaving.
  10. Don’t be nervous if you don’t know the answer and go forward.

Science Set 1

SEE Model Questions Science SET 01

Science Set 2

SEE Model Questions Science SET 02


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