SEE Model Question Science 2076

SEE Model Question Science 2076



SEE Model Question Science 2076 is the collection of all the important questions of Science subject. This contain all the valuable questions of physics, chemistry and biology and astronomy and geology for the better result. This will help you to face the challenging questions and make your practice more strong.



Full Marks: 75                                             Time: 2 hours 15 minutes                                              Pass Marks: 24

Candidates are required to give their answer in their own words as far as practicable. The figures in the margin indicate full marks.
Attempt all the questions.

Group: ‘A’ (Physics)

1. a. What is free fall? Write its one example. Calculate the acceleration due to gravity of the moon with the diameter 3.4×〖10〗^6 m and mass 7×〖10〗^22 kg. (1.5+2.5=4)

b. Name a phenomenon that is assumed to be occurring in the sun. Write any three conditions required for it. Write three advantages of using alternative source of energy. (0.5+1.5+1.5=3.5)

2. a. State Archimedes’s principle. Differentiate between density and relative density in two points and write its relation with upthrust. (1+2+1=4)

b. Write a difference between the floating and sinking of a ship in fresh water and sea water. Name a device that measures purity of milk. Calculate the mass of water displaced by a brick of mass 2 kg when it is immersed in water. (Take density of water 1 gm/cm3 and density of brick 2.5 gm/cm3) (1+0.5+2=3.5)

3. a. Define anomalous expansion of water. Write its beneficiality to the aquatic life. Calculate the specific heat capacity of water if 2 kg water at 250 C requires 2.1×〖10〗^5 J heat energy to increase its temperature to 500C. (1+1+2=4)

b. Define near point, far point and range of vision for human eye. Write two points of difference between compound microscope and telescope. (0.5×3+2=3.5)

4. a. Write two advantages of using nichrome as a heating element. Write two differences between filament lamp and fluorescent lamp. Write two ways to increase strength of dynamo. (1+2+1=4)

b. State motor effect. Transformer works only in alternating current or voltage. Why? A power transmission line feeds input power at 2400 V to step down transformer with its primary windings having 2000 turns. What should be the number of turns in the secondary coil in order to get output voltage of 220 V? (1+1+1.5=3.5)

Group: ‘B’ (Chemistry)

5. a. Study the electronic configuration of given elements and answer the following questions.
Elements Electronic Configuration

Elements Electronic Configuration





1s2, 2s2, 2p6, 3s2, 3p4

1s2, 2s2, 2p6, 3s2, 3p6, 4s1

1s2, 2s2, 2p6, 3s2, 3p6

1s2, 2s2, 2p6, 3s2, 3p5

1s2, 2s2, 2p6, 3s2


i. In which groups of periodic table do the elements A and B lie? (1)
ii. Which element is more reactive in between elements B and E? Why? (1)
iii. Write down a chemical equation to show the chemical reaction of elements B and D. What type of chemical reaction is this? (1+0.5=1.5)

b. Which gas is prepared by heating a mixture of ammonium chloride and slaked lime in laboratory? Write down its chemical equation. Can thus prepared gas be collected in water? Why? Name the compounds with following structural formula. What type of hydrocarbons are these? (0.5+1+0.5+1+1=4)




6. a. What is aqua regia? How does gold dissolve in aqua regia? Write down in the form of chemical equation. Why is gold an expensive metal? Justify with two regions. (1+2+1=4)

b. What type of salt is CuSO4? Why? Write down any two points of difference between PVC and Bakelite. (1.5+2=3.5)


Group: ‘C’ (Biology)

7. a. What is hormone? Write a function of adrenaline hormone.
How does the transfer of stimulus take place when a naked-footed person steps on a thumb pin? Show with reflex arc by the help of labeled diagram only (no description required). What is tropism? Roots of plants tend to move towards water, what is the type of this tropism? (1+0.5+2+0.5+1=4.5)

b. Which virus causes common cold? Write any one cause of AIDS. The wall of artery is thicker than vein, why? Write any one function of blood capillaries. (0.5+0.5+1.5+0.5=3)

8. a. Which type of cell division and phases are shown in the figure A and B? Write any two points of difference between these two. (2+2=4)

Fig. A Fig. B


b. ‘Vegetative propagation is beneficial to the farmers.’ Give any two reasons to justify the statement. Write the name of any one animal of each which undergoes reproduction by external fertilization and budding. Classify and write any one main characteristic of cycas. (1+1+1.5=3.5)

9. a. Why is pyramid of biomass of aquatic ecosystem inverted? Write any two points of difference between sporophyte and gametophyte. Write name of any two edible mushroom. (1+2+1=4)

b. State Mendel’s law of independent assortment. Draw a filial chart to show the result produced in F1 and F2 generations by the cross between a pure black guinea pig and a pure white guinea pig. Write the phenotypic ratio in F2 generation also. (1+2+0.5=3.5)


Group: ‘D’ (Astronomy & Geology)

10. a. What is black hole? How is it formed? Which layer of the atmosphere has maximum density of air? Write down any three characteristics of that layer of atmosphere. (0.5+1+0.5+1.5=4)

b. What is fossil? Write down any two importance of fossil. Mention the name of period/ epoch in which following activities happened. (0.5+1+2=3.5)
i. Evolution of reptiles
ii. Dinosaurs dominance
iii. Evolution of mammal
iv. Dominance of modern flora and fauna

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