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This the SEE Social Studies Model Set Solution for the students those who feel little difficulties to get the answer. Here we are submitting the latest questions with their answer which provide you better way to write the correct answer to get the good marks. SEE Social Studies Solution is the way to enhance your idea more in an innovative way.

GROUP A (7×1=7)

Very short answer Questions:

Q1. Mention two positive impacts that have resulted in your community due to concept of federalism.

1. The two positive impacts that have resulted in my community due to concept of federalism are

2. Local means and resources have been utilized properly.

3. Many infrastructures have been developed and development is taking place at a rapid rate.


Q2. What is meant by sustainable human resources?

Sustainable human resources refers to the long term human resource who can contribute for the development throughout their lifetime once they gain skill and knowledge. Example teacher, doctor etc.


Q3. What should be the responsibility of the nation towards the family of martyrs? Write in a sentence.

The nation should provide special social security to the family of martyrs and fulfill all needs of the martyrs’ family.


Q4. Prepare a banner with an attractive slogan to create public awareness against the dowry system.



Q5. Write a reason for the continuity of political instability even after the enforcement of federalism through new constitution.

A reason for continuity of political instability even after the enforcement of federalism through new constitution is the lack of political consensus among political leaders and parties.


Q6. Though cooperative are the backbone of the economy. They haven’t been run well in Nepal. Mention any two ways to run them nicely in Nepal.

The two ways to run cooperative nicely are

1. All shareholders must be treated equally and more loan should not be provided to friends and relatives.

2. Cooperatives should invest within the members in productive sectors after proper research and study only.


Q7. What is the main objective of the United Nation Oraganization?

The main objective of the United Nations Organization is to maintain peace and security in the world and prevent war.


GROUP B (10×4=40)

Long Answer Questions

Q8. Mention any four positive changes caused by Sikta Multipurpose Project in Province 5.

1.The Sikta multipurpose project is one of the 23 projects of national pride of Nepal. The four positive changes caused by Sikta multipurpose project are

2. This project has helped the farmers of province 5 by providing them facility of irrigation.

3. The water resource of the country has been utilized properly.

4. Trade and market of Province 5 has been promoted and people have gained economic benefits.

5. This project uplifted the life of the farmers by increasing their crop production.


Q9. The number of job searching manpower is greater than job creating manpower in Nepal. Mention any four ways to attract them toward self employment.

Unemployment has become a major problem in the context of Nepal. One of the reason for it is lack of job creating manpower in Nepal. The four ways to attract people towards self employment are

1. The government should prioritize self employment by providing skill based education to the youths.

2. Finance institutions should provide cheap and easy loans to the entrepreneurs or people who what to run some sorts of business and be self employed.

3. Special provisions like discount in paying tax should be provided to attract people towards self employment.

4. Awareness program should be made effective and practical education should be given due to which they can create job themselves.


Q10. What should be done by government, local administration, civilĀ  society and local people for conservation of heritages of Nepal listed in world heritage sites? Mention one function of each.

Ten of the National heritage sites of Nepal have been enlisted in the World heritage sites issued by UNESCO. However , they have not been manage and conserved properly so UNIESCO is frequently Waring the government for its conservation. Following are the roles to be played by government, local administration, civil society and local people for the conservation of those heritages.

Government: The government should formulate effective plans and policies for the conservation of the heritages of Nepal.

Local administration: The local administration can utilize local budget for maintaining and renovating the heritages.

Civil Society: The civil society should create awareness to the people about the importance of such heritages and supervise the activities of the government and other authorities.

Local people: Local people can help in the conservation of heritages by keeping the surrounding clean and taking care of the heritages by preventing it from theft, robbery and damage.


Q11. Many efforts have been made to end bad customs in Nepal, However these evil practices in rampant in the Nepalese society? Why? Write your opinion.

Though many efforts have been made to end bad customs of Nepal, these evils practices are still prevalent in the Nepalese society. Some of the reasons of it are

1. Lack of proper implementation of formulated laws and policies:

2. The laws formulated by the government has not been implemented properly so social evils are still prevalent in our society.

3. Orthodoxy and superstitious belief of people has not ended:

4. In Nepalese society people are still inclined towards the superstitious belief and their thought has not changed. The people are still orthodox in many ways. There must be some kind of horror and terror of God or devils and it is very difficult to convinced them.

5. Unawareness and illiteracy:

The main reason why the people of Nepal still believe in social evil is illiteracy. Because illiterate people do not understand why the laws formulated by government and unawareness of the side effects of the bad customs for the long term in society.

6. The laws have not reached to the rural areas of Nepal.

7. . No punishment to the wrong people as people do not report to the concerned authority though they have been tortured.


Q12. How do Legislative and Executive in accordance with the constitution of Nepal formulate the law? Mention in four points.

1. Legislative and Executive work collectively to formulate new laws

2. Executive demands legislative to formulate laws according to the need of the nation.

3. A bill is introduced by the members of the parliament and legislative discusses about the bill. The bill is then approved by legislative, the speaker and chairpersons and passed to the president for approval.

4. The president approves it within 15 days of the receipt of bill then legislature announces the law formulated in the nation.

The formulated laws then implemented by the executive.

This is how legislative and executive formulate law in accordance with the constitution.


Q13. How is the lifestyle of people in cold region being changes? Clarify with the reference of past.

The liffe of people of cold region has changed greatly in reference of past nowdays. This has become possible due to the development of infrastructures and invention of science and technology. The life of the cold region then and now is shown below


Before Now
They used to live in Igloos and Tupics before. Now they live in modern houses ewuipped with various infrastructures.
They used polar dogs and reindeers for travelling. They have automobiles for travelling now.
It was difficult for them to manage food and they used to sustain on fish and had a poor economic condition. Now, they do fishing, mining and have run various industries so they have a very good economic condition.
They were unfamiliar with the rest of the world and science and technologies. Now, they have a sophisticated life, full of technologies and they are aware of rest of the world.


SEE Model Social Solution

Q14. Differentiate in any four points between tropical and sub tropical climate zones on the basis of climate and economic activities.

The four differences between tropical and sub tropical climate zones on the basis of climate and economic activities are

Tropical climate zones Sub tropical climate zones
The climate condition is more hot, humid and extreme The climate condition is less hot and humid.
The average annual rainfall of this region is above 200 cm The average annual rainfall of this region is above 150 cm
People of this region mostly live a nomadic life and only sone people do activities like agriculture. People of this region mostly do agriculture as their major activities.


Trade, industry and infrastructures are less developed Trade, industry and infrastructures are more furnished.


Q15.You studied political activities occurred between 2016 BS to 2046 BS. What short of roles of king and political parties did you find on that time? Write in four points.

I found the following roles of king and political parties:

1. Because of the movement of 2036 B.S., king was compelled to hold a referendum. In the referendum that he holded in 20th Jestha 2037 B.S. Reformed National Panchayat System won over multiparty system so the Panchayat system continued.

2. The political parties were trying to oppose the direct rule of the king at that time.

3. The Nepali congress and united left democratic front did the mass movement from 7th falgun 2046 BS.

4. King Birendra dissolved the partyless panchayat system and constitutional monarchy introduced in the country.

SEE Model Social Solution

Q16. Explain in brief , enlisting the institutional and legal provisions done by government for the management of insurance companies.

Following are the institutional and legal provisions done by government for the management of insurance companies:

1. The government of Nepal introduced the insurance act in 2049 BS for the management of the companies.

2. The legal insurance companies have been verified, certified and classified by the government of Nepal.

3. Rastriya Beema Sansthan was an institution introduced by government in 2025 BS, that looks after other insurance companies.

4. The insurance companies are audited by the government of Nepal to check their proper management.

Q17. What should be done to establish peace in the world? Present any four suggestions.

The following things should be done to establish peace in the world.

1. Use a nuclear arms and weapons should be stopped and disarmament should be done.

2. Terrorism must be stopped in all the countries through formulation of various laws, negotiation and help of international organization like WHO.

3. Cold war, hostile relations and unhealthy power competition should be stopped.

4. Intentional cooperation, fraternity, helping culture at the time of need etc. should be promoted and whole world should be considered as a home by ending all forms of religious and political orthodoxy.

SEE Model Social Solution

Group ‘C'(4×7=28)

Long Answer Questions

Q18. Write specialty of constitutional organs. Justify their provision in the constitution.

The constitutional organs work along with the government to maintain rule of law in the nations. They maintain good governance, help in the systematic development of a country and protect and promote human rights. They also ensure inclusiveness and participation of all types of people in the mainstream of development. The following are the provisions of constitutional organs in the constitution:

1. The constitutional organs have been mentioned from part 21 to 26 and part 27 in the constitution of Nepal. Their functions have been determined in the constitution.

2. There are a total of 13 constitutional organs mentioned in the constitution of Nepal. Theya are commission for the investigation of abuse of authority, audition general, public service commission, election commission, national human right commission, national natural resource and fical commission, national inclusive commission, indigenous nationalities commission, madhesi commission, tharu commission and muslim commission.

3. In all the commission the executive body comprises of a chairperson or a commissioner and four other members.

4. They will be appointed for the tenure of 6 years and they must have 45 years in age, not be involved in political parties and have high moral character.

5. The commissioners, chairpersons and other members are appointed by the president on the recommendation of constitutional council and council of ministers.

7. The constitutional bodies can work along with the government to carry out various functions for the welfare of the country.

SEE Model Social Solution

Q19. Draw a map of Nepal and insert the following facts.

Arun Valley, Siddhartha Highway, Saipal Himal, Siddhababa


Draw a map of North America and insert the following facts:

Gulf of Mexico, Prairies, Winter Rainfall Area, New York


Q20. What would happened if Germany wasn’t sanctioned mercilessly by the Treaty of Versailles? What did German do after that? Also mention any four effects of the Second World War in Asia.

If Germany wasn’t sanctioned mercilessly by the Treaty of Versailles and the treaty had not been one sided only, the Germany would not have developed a feeling of revenge and the second world war would not have taken place.

The Germans had developed a feeling of revenge after that event and many dictators like Aldolf Hitler rose to power. The youths was only made to involve in the army and Germany was increasing its military power to gain back its power and territory. It did Rome-Berlin-Tokyao axis and started the world ware by attacking suddenly on Poland for getting Danzig and Polish corridor signing Nazi-soviet non aggression act with Russia.

The four effects of the second world ware in Asia are

1. The colonized countries of Asia became independent and the world wide independence movement started.

2. Russia of Asia rose as a super power after the second world war.

3. The soldiers who had fought in the were returned whereas some were dead and injured.

4. Japan of Asia was completely ruined as USA blasted atom bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

SEE Model Social Solution

Q21. In Nepal about 10000 women go to foreign countries for employment. It means many women are going for foreign employment. What shorts of problems have been faced by them on abroad? Write the problem and solutions to overcome the problems.

Many Nepalese women are going out of the countries for the foreign employment. The problems they are facing in abroad are

1. They are not getting job and salary as per agreement as a result of being cheated by brokers.

2. They have been victims of physical and mental violence in the foreign countries.

3. They are not respected in the foreign countries.

4. Some of them have been sold and are struggling to come back home.

The following things must be dome to overcome these problems:

1. They should be given proper education and skills so that they will able to work in the country themselves.

2. Awareness should be spread by the government and self employment should be encouraged.

3. Labor agreement should be dome and legal documents must be managed.

4. Strict laws should be implemented by the government and the brokers should be punished.


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