HSEB Computer Science Model Question 2076

HSEB Model Question Computer Science


HSEB Model Question Computer Science 2076

HSEB Model Question Computer Science is the collection of all the important questions for upcoming HSEB exam 2076 of class 12. The questions are selected by the experienced teachers in order to give you the best questions which are important for you.

HSEB Model Question Computer Science 2076

Time: 3 hr                                                                 F.M.: 75                                                      P.M.: 27

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Candidates are required to give their answer in their own words as far as required.

Group A
Long Answer Questions (30 Marks)

Answers any four from the following questions: (4×10=40)

1.What is Entity Relationship Data Model? Give an ER diagram for a database showing fatherhood, motherhood and spouse relationship among men and women. (10)

2. The rate of interest offered by a bank on fixed deposit

i. Period < 6 months 5%

ii. Period 6 to 12 months 6%

iii. Above 1 year 10%

Write a flow chart and program in C language to calculate monthly interest of customer.

3. Write a program that reads several different names and addresses into the computer, rearrange the names into alphabetical order. Make use of structure variable.

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4. Write a program that will read successive records from the new data file and display each record on the screen in an appropriately formatted form.

5. Write a program with function and input menu from keyboard and activate these functions

i. print a circle()

ii. reverse string()


Group B
Short Answer Questions (35 Marks)

Attempt any Seven Questions. (7×5=35)

6. What is feasibility study? Why feasibility study is important in system analysis phase?

7. What are the different types of LAN topology? Write merits and demerits of Star topology.

8. Write short notes on the following (Any two) (5)

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a. Coaxial Cable                        ii. Fiber Optic Cable                      iii. Switch

9. Differentiate between array and structure using suitable example.

10. What do you mean by parameter passing by value and passing by reference in C ? Explain with suitable example.

11. Explain the terms polymorphism and inheritance.

12. Describe the limitations of using getchar() and putchar() functions for reading strings.

13. What do you understand by AI? How it may affect the society?

14. Write short notes on the following (Any two)

i. Cyber Law

ii. Normalization

iii. Context Diagram



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