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HSEB Model Question English 2076



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Subject: English                                                   Full Marks: 100                                                           Time: 3 hours

Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as far as practicable. The figures in the margin indicate full marks.

Attempt all the questions.

1.Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow it. (5 x 3 =15)

The development of the Space Shuttle has dramatically reduced the cost of sending loads into space. The Shuttle takes off from Earth like a rocket, and lands again like an aircraft. It can transport not only its own crew, but also passengers, and has a huge cargo-hold which is capable of carrying large satellites or a space laboratory.

Before the Space Shuttle was created, it was necessary to plan trips into space several years in advance. However, for the rest of the century it should be possible to make space flights every week or so. Any scientist or engineer needing to travel into orbit will simply take the next Shuttle flights, stay as long as necessary, and then return at his or her convenience.

It is difficult to imagine the immense opportunities created by the Shuttle. One of the great advantages of having a reusable space vehicle is that it can take one load after another into orbit. Very large space stations could not be launched in their complete form directly from Earth, but they could be built piece by piece in space. The Space Shuttle is likely to be used as a general ‘workhorse’ for the rest of this country, and the building of such stations in orbit should become commonplace.


Once these huge orbiting space stations are completed, they are likely to become the platforms from which hundreds of robot space ships could be launched cheaply and easily to explore the solar system and to start mining operations on the Moon. The technology needed for this is already developed and available. And because of commercial and military pressures to develop space technology, it is likely that governments will be increasingly willing to start extensive programs of space engineering, exploration and research.

One future development could be the setting up of completely artificially constructed space colonies. According to a growing number of experts, it is already technically feasible to construct a pioneering space colony, powered by solar energy. This colony would be self-sufficient, and would also allow its inhabitants to conduct further space engineering projects and build more colonies as they were needed. An American scientist, Dr.Gerald O’Neil of Princeton University, has predicted that a space colony capable of supporting 10,000 humans could be set up well before the turn of the century. The materials for such a colony would have to be shipped up from Earth using the Space Shuttle. According to Dr O’Neil, further space colonies, which could house perhaps ten million people each, could be constructed during the early part of the twenty-first century. These would not be made from each material, but would get their raw materials from the Moon.



i. What is space shuttle and how does it work?

ii. How is the space Shuttle different from the earlier space vehicles?

iii. What is the difference between a space station and a space colony, and what will each be used for?

iv. How can the space platforms be used?

v. Explain the expression ‘a pioneering space colony’ as it is used in the passage.


2. Answer any five of the following questions: (5×3=15)

i. How does the statement, “a village cat driven by hunger to eat cucumber in the kitchen garden” highlight the situation of Alyohin? (About Love)

ii. How did the world scientists warn about future of humanity? (Two Long Term Problems: Too Many People, Too Few Trees)

iii. What is the significance of the repetition of the words “Now they are going to see who I am…”? (The Last Voyage of the Ghost Ship)

iv. What effect did Women’s right movement have in adoption in the US? (The Children Who Wait)

v. How did Elizabeth Arden promote her business? (Women’s Business)

vi. What are the advantages of managing pregnancy, childbirth and childrearing collectively and culturally? (A Child is Born)


3. Answer any one of the following questions: (1×10=10)

i. Discuss the speech “I Have a Dream” of Martin Luther King as a plea for freedom, justice and equality. (I Have a Dream)

ii. How is the glory of God praised in the poem ‘God’s Grandeur’?


4. Rewrite the following sentences, beginning with the words given, so that they mean the same: (5×1=5)

i. She solved all the problems in two hours. It took ……….

ii. I was very much impressed by his speech. I found ………

iii. Meera said, “I’ll do my work myself if I have enough time.”Meera said that ………….

iv. The disadvantage of records is that they get scratched so easily.The trouble………

v. People who don’t say thank you really get on my nerves. If there’s one thing……..


5. Rewrite the following sentences using must, can’t or may/might: (5×1=5)

i. I am sure they have arrived.

ii. Perhaps he didn’t hear me.

iii. I’m convinced he has not forgotten my name.

iv. It’s possible that they are going away.

iv. Obviously, the gardener was not serious.

6. Change the suggestions below using ought to, ought not to, might as well, or there’s no point in: (5×1=5)

i. Let’s not sell it – it’s not worth anything anyway.

ii. Why don’t you use your dictionary – it’s in your cupboard.

iii. It’s not good to disturb him – he’s preparing for his exam.

iv. Why don’t we give up the idea of going to foreign countries – there are a lot of opportunities here.

v. Why don’t you take a pullover – it might turn cold.


7. Change the following questions into indirect questions: (5×1=5)

i. When are you coming back from Jomsom? (Have you decided yet…..?)

ii. Did you find your lost book? (I want to know…..)

iii. Did the hailstorm destroy the crop? (The Minister wants to know…..)

iv. Was he alone? (Did you notice……?)

iv. What are your parents busy with? (The CEO wants to know…..)


8. Express your attitude to the following using ‘the way’: (5×1=5)

i. Beauty contests

ii. Advertisements on TV

iii. Parents

iv. Social Networking sites

v. Teachers


9. Join the following pairs of sentences using non-defining relative clause: (5×1=5)

i. Mary was suddenly awakened by a strange noise. Mary had been in a deep sleep.

ii. The window was wide open. Mary had locked it securely the night before.

iii. The servants had all left. Mary had laughed at them only that afternoon for being superstitious.

iv. Mary saw an old woman. Her mouth was twisted into a toothless grin.

v. Mary heard a strange noise. It seemed to come from outside her window.


10. Imagine that you are in the given situations. Express a wish/regret suitable for each of the situations.                   (5×1=5)

i. You were late for the interview.

ii. You didn’t unplug your TV set.

iii. You didn’t set your alarm.

iv. You need a job very urgently.

v. You are not earning any money.


11. Write a paragraph on the topic given below examining the possible explanations and a conclusion: (5)

                      Since divorce became easier to obtain in Nepal, the divorce rate has gone up dramatically.

12. Many intellectually sound students as well as skilled manpower have recently been motivated going overseas and finally settle there forever. As a result, the country is gradually facing the lack of skilled manpower in all fields, which results in direct adverse effect on the country’s development. So, in the interest of the nation, government should discourage such people from going abroad and encourage them to work in their own country. To what extent do you agree or disagree? Write an essay not exceeding 200 words. (10)

13. Stating suitable qualifications and experiences, write a job application for the post of an English Teacher addressing the Principal of ABC College, Kathmandu. (10)



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