SEE Model Question Paper Nepali

SEE Model Question Nepali 2076


SEE Model Question Nepali 2076

SEE Model Question Nepali 2076 is the collection of important and asking questions for the preparation of the upcoming SEE examination. The main objective of this section is to provide you the collection of the questions. These questions are the collected from the various teachers and scholars from the reputed fields.

Description of the Paper:

1. The weight age of the Nepali is 100 marks.

2. Optional  subject is  not divided into theory and practical.

3. According to the new curriculum, the pattern of the questions are changes.

4. The given question is the practice question paper based according to the new curriculum.

5. The Theory section is of 75 marks and is of written examination type.

6. The Practical section is of 25 marks where the subject teacher is responsible to conduct the exam and give them marks according to their listing and reading activities.

7. The Time for the written exam is of  2 hr and 15 minutes.

8. The written exam is based on the Nepali grammar and the ability of the writing skills.

9. The creativity of writing the the answer is the measurement to get the marks.

Trick to solve the Question:

Nepali is the most difficult and challenging subject for the students. To solve the Nepali question it is necessary to get the good question for the practice. Practice is the key for the success. The most important thing to get the good marks is the creativity and the writing skill of the students. Most of the students are not able to write the creative answer in this exam and they are far behind to get the good marks.

1. Read the all questions properly.

2. Take your time while reading and don’t be panic if the question was not practiced earlier.

3. Start the question very calmly, according to your easiest part.

4. Don’t rub or erase frequently while working, use the rough paper or extra paper for extra calculations.

5. Write always creative answer from your side.

6. Watch your time always when you are finishing or moving to next question.

7. Try to finish the exam on time.

8. Don’t waste your time while giving your exam.


See model question nepali 2076

See model question


see nepali question

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