SEE Model Question HPEE 2076

SEE Model Question HPEE 2076


SEE Model Question HPEE 2076

SEE Model Question HPEE is the collection of important questions of Health Population and Environment Subject. The Full marks of the subject is 100 where Theory is of 75 marks and practical marks is 25. SEE Model Question HPEE will help you to practice  for the upcoming exam 2076.

SEE Model Question HPEE 2076

Time: 2 hours 15 minutes                                                          Full Marks: 75                                             Pass Marks: 24

Candidates are required to give their answer in their own words as far as practicable. The figures in the margin indicate full marks.

Attempt all the questions.

Group A

1. Very short answer questions: (10×1 = 10)

a. Which factor of birth is ‘preference to son’ related to?

b. When was the vital registration system carried out in all 75 districts of Nepal?

c. Which SAARC country is ranked first in terms of human development index?

d. Under which aspect of eco-system are plants and animals considered?

e. Why should the people of hilly region be encouraged to grow fodder trees?

f. Write any two examples of ex-situ conservation of animals.

g. Name the disease for which the root of serpentine is used as medicine.

h. Write any one effect of sustainable development on humans.

i. Which virus causes cervical cancer?

j. Write any one development oriented activity of Nepal Red Cross Society.


Group B

2. Short answer questions: (13×5=65)

 Attempt any 13 questions from this group.

a. Why is sample survey method considered effective in collecting of population data?

b. How does age affect on birth and migration? Write in short.

c. There were 1120 people of the age group between 0-14 years, 600 of the age group of 60 years and above and 2505 of the age group 15-59 years out of 4225 in one district in 2068 BS. If the number of males were 2120, find the depending ratio and sex ration.

d. ‘Gender equality helps to enhance the quality of life’. Justify.

e. Explain in brief the social and economic aspects of the place where you are living.

f. Mention any five reasons for satisfying economic conditions of the people of Terai region.

g. Which region is rich in biodiversity, why? Give any four reasons.

h. Write short note on any two of the following:

  1. One horned rhinoceros
  2. Panch Aule
  3. Giant Pied Hornbill

i. Present any five ways to minimize the environmental effects due to industrialization.

j. How does development work help to develop the human efficiency? Explain.

k. What is the causative agent of cholera? Write its symptoms and preventive measures.

l. Differentiate between heart attack and stroke. Write down any three preventive measures of these.

m. Your friends are openly smoking and you have always fear of peer pressure to smoke. How do you prevent yourself the peer pressure?

n. What does GENETUP stand for? Why is this project more effective in Nepal?

o. What are three health services available in different health units? Differentiate between he indoor and outdoor service.

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